Thursday, April 23, 2009

For Serious Fun Stuff

Hello again! It's time for a new friend and this time it's for a friend of a friend! Introducing Jenny Spruiell a college friend of Holly Slay's. Jenny makes all sorts of cute things but my favorite is the bottle cap necklaces. She makes sparkly little necklaces with shapes, symbols, letters, numbers, etc. You can get your daughter's initial or age which would be a great accessory on birthdays! It's another unique and fun gift idea for that difficult 4-9 girl age range. You can view this and other products of Jenny's on her etsy shop:

It's finally spring time and about time to start up our free giveaways! I'll be looking to change up the way we do drawings...may start spicing things up a bit. Details to come!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Donna McKay Photography

Donna is a dear friend, neighbor, and talented photographer. We got to know each other through neighborhood functions, morning walks, and afternoon play dates. We also both have a curly red headed kid. She started out just taking pictures in the neighborhood and has quickly progressed through time, practice, classes, and research to a full fledged photographer. Whenever we passed by her house she'd run out, camera in hand, and just do her magic capturing little moments and memories. Last October I had Donna take pictures of my two children for their 4th and 1st birthdays. The results brought both grandmothers to tears. You can view her photography at and click on "children" to see the different galleries. Local Dallas folks may recognize a few smiling faces!
To find out more about Donna McKay photography you can email her at:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Moving from Friends

Happy New Year! (and Valentines, and St. Patricks...) thankfully I've taken the Christmas tree off my blog before we hit Easter. By now if you know me personally you know my family is moving, again, to Stillwater, OK. So, I'm moving further from the friends I know to a new state to meet new friends. Which is great news for my blog- more friends to learn about their gifts and talents. I am actually behind on posting a few new ones with products and services I look forward to sharing with you. This post is just to let you know I'm still here and there is more to come! Thanks for your patience :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

And The Winner Is...


Except, I'm not sure who you are.....I only get email addresses of subscribers.....I kind of recognize your email though....

Anyway, contact Holly Slay to redeem your My Gifted Friends Freebie! She said you can email her with what you want on your cards (name or initials or which style), name and address, etc etc. Visit her etsy shop to view samples:

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Let It Snow!

Just a quick note about My Friends and the holiday season:

1) Whitney's Pikl Paper: all profits from December will be going to support two missionary families at her church raising support to move to England and Ireland. Visit online at and let the shopping begin!
2) Sara Ellen's Saradipity Signs: visit Saradipity's Blog to see her newest innovations- Painted Wooden Signs and Blocks!!!!!!! I got one over the Thanksgiving holidays (pictured above). She's combining paper, paint, wood, and pizazz!!!! Go see
3) Hillary Gamble Photography has launched her brand new wedding photography website:
4) Boca Beth has free shipping and discounts everywhere. Visit to redeem.
5) Holly's Handmade will be the Free Friend Gift in December! She will be offering two packs of 12 notecards, winner's choice of styles!
That's all for now. We got to see snow in Alabama over the Thanksgiving Holidays so I thought I'd add some to my blog. Enjoy!