Saturday, August 2, 2008

About This Blog

This blog began as what I call a blog boutique where I showcase my gifted friends...I have a lot of them. I wish I could open up a shop and sell all their products, but alas, we are spread out over many places. It has been so neat to see all their different ideas, talents, and creativity. Now, as I have worked to develop My Gifted Friends I can say it has three purposes:

1) To show off and promote my many friends with their home based businesses. I find extra joy in being part of their promotion, especially the brand new businesses who operate solely on word of mouth and those who are just starting to create. See The Friends.

2) To encourage people just starting out, or thinking about starting out in their own businesses. And to lend ideas and motivation to those in the dreaming stages.

3) To brush up on my over-a-decade old technical skills....and follow wherever that may lead.

Thanks for subscribing to this blog, even if you just stop in to look around, it is encouraging to everyone involved.

Taylor :)