Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lyn Pollard's Chalkydoodles

Lyn and I have been friends since we moved to Dallas in 2005. We used to meet frequently in a playgroup and see each other at church. Since my #2 was born last year I haven't been quite as social or out and about. So, Lyn and I haven't caught up in a while. Just look what Lyn has been up to! Chalkydoodles!!!! You have got to see this stuff! I knew she was artsy but I had no idea she had so much going on!!!! Chalkydoodles is her year old company and it is lighting up the blogosphere. Her stuff is useful, beautiful, and amazing. Lyn uses oilcloth, chalkcloth and an artists eye to make products for your kids and home you will go crazy over. I'm getting an apron for Lainey or a splashmat for under our dining room table pretty soon...can't decide. She also makes super cute basket labels, placemats, signs, etc but all with chalkcloth so you can write names and labels in chalk and then erase and change it up. And the oilcloths are soooo pretty yet soooo wipe-off-able. Have a look and see what you like! or