Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lyn Pollard's Chalkydoodles

Lyn and I have been friends since we moved to Dallas in 2005. We used to meet frequently in a playgroup and see each other at church. Since my #2 was born last year I haven't been quite as social or out and about. So, Lyn and I haven't caught up in a while. Just look what Lyn has been up to! Chalkydoodles!!!! You have got to see this stuff! I knew she was artsy but I had no idea she had so much going on!!!! Chalkydoodles is her year old company and it is lighting up the blogosphere. Her stuff is useful, beautiful, and amazing. Lyn uses oilcloth, chalkcloth and an artists eye to make products for your kids and home you will go crazy over. I'm getting an apron for Lainey or a splashmat for under our dining room table pretty soon...can't decide. She also makes super cute basket labels, placemats, signs, etc but all with chalkcloth so you can write names and labels in chalk and then erase and change it up. And the oilcloths are soooo pretty yet soooo wipe-off-able. Have a look and see what you like! or

Amy Dunlap Quilts

My friend Amy can make anything. Just this morning we were at her home and someone complimented a fancy throw pillow on her couch- and she made it. Over the summer I was admiring another friend's bedding in her guest room- turns out Amy made it. She really is a rare talent. Her mainstay has been quilting with vintage fabrics, but her pillows are fantastic, and lately she has made onesies and other impressive baby items. I bet if you requested she really could make you anything. Enjoy her website which she is working on updating with new pictures coming soon. Oh, and she also makes stuffed animals from vintage fabrics which could be the perfect finishing touch to a special nursery!

Whitney Preg's Pikl Paper

First, I would like to introduce you to my friend Whitney Preg in Alabama. We met at Auburn through RUF and she and her husband Nate let me live with them when I was dancing for a ballet company in Atlanta. Whitney is a gifted photographer and graphic designer. She uses her talents to create very professional and stunning products on paper. She is also a hilarious, down-to-earth, way cool mama of two boys. I highly recommend her stuff for your family and to give as impressive gifts. Check her out at

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sara Ellen's Saradipity Signs

Sara Ellen is my dear friend and sister-in-law. I met Sara Ellen at Auburn through a bible study before later marrying her older brother. Now I get to see one of my best friends each holiday and family get together, and she is the aunt to my kids! Sara Ellen is a very creative and artistic person and has finally put her ideas on canvas. She can paint the most precious signs for the bedrooms for the most precious children in your life. Her paintings are one of a kind and made to order. I have one in my son Gaddis' room- I love it. You can see it under Boys Rooms on her website:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Samantha's Indolce Designer Cookies

YUMMY! I recently met Samantha when she delivered beautiful iced cookies for a friend's baby shower. The cookies were pink onesies and pink strollers and they were so delicious everyone at the party couldn't stop talking about them. Beautiful AND declicious. What a great idea for showers, parties, and special treats for special people. Samantha lives in Dallas, TX and can be contacted via email through her website:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Leigh Wilkerson's Bows & Tees

Yipee! Leigh is my first friend of a friend to be on this blog! She is a friend of Holly Slay's and makes the sweetest bows and appliqued tanks, tees, and dresses. If you have a little girl, these bows are handmade, well-made, and so very cute. Lainey has recently had the opportunity to sport one of Leigh's bows. The bows were a ladybug and butterfly which were so cute Lainey decided to take them out of her hair and name them. Check out Leigh's website as she is always adding to and creating new products. She has a blog with her newest items as well as an etsy store.

Holly Slay Handmade

Holly and I met when we lived in Brookhaven, MS. She is a very close friend and confidant and we love to share ideas on everything from homemaking to hobbies and husbands! But our favorite topic we especially love gabbing about is our kids. Our first daugters are 4 months apart and she always gives me a preview of what's ahead. I'm now able to return the favor as my second kiddo came first and hers is on the way! Holly is also a savvy internet and blogger pro when it comes to cool mommy and baby stuff. Holly does it all from paint to photography. Her painted pottery is my favorite of her talents. I have given her painted plates as gifts to many friends. See what special gifts you can find on her Etsy site:

Jada Scruggs Calligraphy

Jada Scruggs is my neighbor, confidant, and friend. Her husband is the RUF campus minister at SMU. Jada has begun practicing the art of calligraphy. She is just starting out in the business and enjoys addressing envelopes for special occasions, inscribing special scriptures, recording names, birth dates, and poems. I have a beautiful framed print of my daughter Lainey's full name with scripture surrounding it all in calligraphy. Now that I have a son, Gaddis, I'm going to get Jada to do one to match! Contact Jada via email:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hillary Gamble Photography

Hillary Gamble and I went to Auburn together but really didn't get to know each other until we taught ballet at Briarwood in Birmingham, AL. Hillary is a jack of all trades. She is combining her artistry and ambition into a new photography business- so if you're in Alabama strike while the iron is hot (and prices are low)! I have an idea this venture will take off soon. She is currently offering Christmas Card pictures beginning in October- check out her blog!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Beth Butler's Boca Beth

Beth and I have gotten to know each other very recently as I often visit her website for tips and tricks to teach Lainey spanish. She is a mom and bilingual educator and lives in Florida. One day I called to ask a question about a product and we started chatting. Lately we've been talking about how to get her company Boca Beth out across the country in retail settings. Her cd's and dvd's are kind of like a Spanish Baby Einstein. They are very cute and catchy and it is amazing to watch your kids soak it in. has great freebies like downloadable flashcards and mini lessons on You Tube. Lainey loves it and her stuff would make great unique gifts for kids so I thought I would share her with you!