Thursday, October 2, 2008

Browsing the Boutique

Well it's time to window shop around My Gifted Friends a little and see what is up and coming.

Our First FREEBIE:
I wanted to first tell you for all subscribers we have a drawing at the end of October to win FREE cookies from Samantha's Indolce Designs. Just in time for holiday parties. So if you're here having a look around here please remember to sign your email up under the subscribe button to be entered in. I will literally be printing out the emails and drawing them from a hat!

On the store front:
Sara Ellen (Saradipity Signs) has a new blog going up so you can see more about her design process and her latest and greatest creations at

Lyn at Chalkydoodles has some really cute October/Halloween products out. And Samantha's website at Indolce Designer Cookies is undergoing construction and will be up and running soon so you can see more samples of her baking wonders!

In the blogosphere:
Do you have a blog? Any requests for this one? I'd love any ideas and input for what you would like to see/learn about. I'm also interested in 'tailoring' other peoples blogs to fit them better so let me know if you have any questions/wishes/frustrations for your own blog or website.

Thanks for keeping up with My Friends!