Thursday, November 13, 2008

Window Shopping

If you haven't visited my blogshop lately you should come take a look around! New Blogs, new navigation, easier to reach Friends pages, lots to see. You can find any of My Gifted Friend pages links on the left sidebar, but just below are live/updated links to their blogs. You can quickly see new products by the thumbnails listed as well as information on when they were last updated. Sara Ellen, Jada, and Linley have brand new blogs- access any of them from My Gifted Friends.

Another neat thing is I'm taking my blogshop "on tour" around the blogosphere. If you look down further below the Friends Blogs you'll see more links to places I've applied My Gifted Friends to be listed/advertised in their directories. Check back as this list will be added to as the blog grows.

We are also listed on Boca Beth's blog! Which reminds me, our November Freebie drawing is coming up soon! Get ready to sing in espanol! Make sure you're subscribed so your name is entered in the drawing for a a free Boca Beth CD "Boca Beth My First Songs in Spanish" CD along with a musical shaker for rhythm fun! Hasta Luego!